Anticipated results

The general objective of the Project aims at training and developing early career researchers and supporting them to follow and develop a successful, competitive and innovative career in research, so that they can positively answer the present-day social needs and to be able to integrate themselves in the European research system. In order to meet this goal, one should follow the fulfilment of the following expected results:

  • To provide doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, as following:
    • 42 doctoral fellowships for the PhD students from the first year of doctoral studies, for the 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 academic years, with a length of 15 month, and an amount of 1800 lei/month;
    • 42 doctoral fellowships for the PhD students from the first year of doctoral studies, for the 2011-2012 academic year, with a length of maximum 5 month, and an amount of 1800 lei/month
    • 56 postdoctoral fellowships for postdoctoral researchers, with a length of 15 month, and an amount of 3700 lei/month.
  • To develop a number of 126 scientific papers presented in different conferences, and 84 scientific papers published within the doctoral programs; 112 scientific papers presented, 112 scientific papers published and 140 research reports in the case of postdoctoral research, therefore supporting young researchers in building and/or improving their professional image and in efficiently promoting/disseminating their research results.
  • The skills acquired by the Project’s end beneficiaries from the 14 interdisciplinary teams focus on high applicability research topics from the various fields of knowledge or social practice. The groups’ research activity doesn’t finish at the end of the Project’s activities. The skills developed within these interdisciplinary groups remain an important acquisition for each of the project’s participants.
  • Institutional consolidation by arranging and/or extending a minimum number of 8 counselling and implementation departments at the Beneficiary and at each of the Partners, of at least 4 workshop / meeting rooms for the research teams’ meetings, of at least 3 conference rooms at the Romanian Academy Iași Branch for the research teams’ meetings and for organizing conferences and of a reading room at the disposal of the Beneficiary.
  • To organize and implement training activities: a workshop or summer school for every research group (a total number of 14 summer schools or workshops according to the scholars’ topics and fields of interest), training courses on research management and project management, 2 training sessions for the entire research group, on topics concerning the equality of chances, lack of discrimination, respect for diversity and durable development, at least 2 evaluation workshops for each of the 14 groups.
  • To update the integrated computer science system for the documentation base, which will allow to centralize information on about 420000 existing volumes, and also about the new book purchases; to update various computer science programs, to purchase new programs and over 2000 volumes of fundamental information, applied or for current development (according to the necessities of each research team), therefore facilitating access to state-of-the-art technology.
  • To expand inter-institutional cooperation by involving a minimum number of 5 other foreign institutions and by the scholars’ participation in a number of at least 50 month of foreign internships.
  • To promote / efficiently disseminate the results of the research by financing and promoting at an international level two BDI indexed journals, by publishing 20 volumes (individual or collective) at a prestigious Romanian publishing house and by organizing an international conference at the headquarters of the Romanian Academy Iași Branch

To advertise, inform and disseminate the results of the research by developing the Project’s webpage, which will include the results of the scholars’ scientific activity and which will be highly promoted on other similar pages; by developing documents and the project’s presentation and promotion tools (posters, flyers, presentation brochures, invitations, promotional pens, special invitations, etc.) which will also contribute to an increase in awareness and recognition within the academic environment.