General presentation

Name of the project: POSDRU/159/1.5/S/133675 “Innovation and development in structuring and representing knowledge through doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships (IDSRC – doc postdoc)

Romanian Academy Iași Branch, as a symbol of national spirituality, forum of devotion and fundamental space of research, has the major objective of continually forming highly qualified research staff, and it, therefore, tries to cover the defaults of the national scientific system. The project “Innovation and development in structuring and representing knowledge through doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships (IDSRC – doc postdoc)” supports the achievement of this institutional goal by means of the general objective that it puts forwards: training and development of early career researchers and supporting them to follow and develop a fulfilling, competitive and innovative research career, so that they can comply with the necessities of the present-day society and to be able to integrate themselves in the European research system.

Romanian Academy Iași Branch, as the beneficiary of this project, together with its four partners: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca Technical University – Baia Mare Northern University Centre, The Faculty of Letters and LABORATORIO ATHENA – Italian transnational partner with a relevant mission for the research activity.

The project is cofinanced by the European Union, from the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority Axis 1, “Education and training in support of economic growth and development of the knowledge based society,” Key area of intervention 1.5 “Doctoral and postdoctoral programs in support of research”. It has an 18 month implementation period, in which 84 PhD students and 56 PhDs (who have defended their PhD thesis in the last 5 years), carefully and objectively selected on the grounds of specific research activity criteria, specialized in philosophy, social and humanistic sciences, but also in some technical sciences (who also analyse from a philosophical, ethical, sociological or economic perspective the specific issues related to their field) in order to pursue and develop a successful research career. The objective can be achieved through: financially supporting the researchers by means of a monthly scholarship and through financing the scientific activities which they undertake; establishing 14 interdisciplinary teams, focused on research topics; establishing 14 summer schools or formative workshops on the scholars’ fields and topics of interest; internationally promoting two BDI indexed journals; publishing 20 (individual or collective volumes) at a prestigious Romanian publishing house; organising an international conference at the headquarters of the Beneficiary, etc.

In this context, the expected result of implementing the present project is to create, develop, and consolidate some flexible research and improvement networks, adapted to European demands and focused on high applicability degree research topics in different fields of knowledge or social practice by offering essential favourable conditions for an innovative and competitive research activity, aimed at being developed and promoted in Romania.