Implementation Team


Dr. Dan-Gabriel Sîmbotin – Project Manager

Meda Galea – financial official

Cristian Carp – acquisition official


Dr. Liviu-Adrian Măgurianu – target group expert

Dr. Alexandru-Ioan Tofan – international relations expert

Dr. Eugen Huzum – publishing expert

PhD student Simona Roxana Ulman – dissemination and promotion project expert

Dr. Virgil-Constantin Fatu – IT expert

1. Dr. Cătălina-Daniela Răducu Social and Political Issues in the Contemporary World.Debates, Interpretations, Solutions
Dr. Bogdan Ștefanachi
2. Dr. Vasile Pleșca To govern / To be governed. Aspects of the Relationship between State and Citizen
Dr. Ruxandra Ivan
3. Dr. Alina-Petronela Haller Emerging Markets – Trends in the Current Economic Crisis
Dr. Romulus-Cătălin Dămăceanu
4. Dr. Ionel-Ciprian Alecu Competitiveness and Innovation in Knowledge Management Organization
Dr. Ovidiu Gherasim
5. Dr. Teodor Păduraru Innovation and Socio-Economic Performance
Dr. Gabriela Boldureanu
6. Dr. Aurora Hrițuleac Psychological and Educational Theories and Practice. Resilient Development and Contemporary Society Challenges
Dr. Marius Ciprian Ceobanu
7. Dr. Irina Frasin Ideology and Intercultural Communication
Dr. Florin-Daniel Șandru
8. Dr. Mircea-Bogdan Olaru Fundamentals of Normativity and Psychosocial Constraints
Dr. Andrei-Corneliu Holman 
9. Dr. Mihaela Luca Cognitive Sciences – Interdisciplinary Approach 
Acad. Tudorel Dima 
10. Dr. Viorel Vizureanu Rethinking Politics in Contemporary Society: Globalization, Consumerism, Economic Efficiency
Dr. Dorian Vlădeanu
11. Dr. Valentin-Sorin Costreie Meaning and Truth
Dr. Mircea Dumitru
12. Dr. Savu Totu Philosophy and Religion in the Romanian Society
Dr. Mihai-Dan Chițoiu
13. Dr. Ovidiu Tiţa Current Perspectives on Sustainable Development
Dr. Constantin Oprean  –
14. Dr. Petru Dunca Ethics and Communication. Theoretical and Pragmatic Implications
Dr. Daniela Dunca