Studies and research within the following 14 topics will be carried out under the project.

  1. Social and Political Issues in the Contemporary World.Debates, Interpretations, Solutions
  2. To govern / To be governed. Aspects of the Relationship between State and Citizen
  3. Emerging Markets – Trends in the Current Economic Crisis
  4. Competitiveness and Innovation in Knowledge Management Organization
  5. Innovation and Socio-Economic Performance
  6. Psychological and Educational Theories and Practice. Resilient Development and Contemporary Society Challenges
  7. Ideology and Intercultural Communication
  8. Fundamentals of Normativity and Psychosocial Constraints
  9. Cognitive Sciences – Interdisciplinary Approach
  10. Rethinking Politics in Contemporary Society: Globalization, Consumerism, Economic Efficiency
  11. Meaning and Truth
  12. Philosophy and Religion in the Romanian Society
  13. Current Perspectives on Sustainable Development
  14. Ethics and Communication. Theoretical and Pragmatic Implications

Each research question is addressed by a research group consisting of:

– 3 PhD students enrolled in the first year of doctoral studies   for 2012-2013 or 2013-2014. The duration of the scholarship is 15 months.

– 3 PhD students enrolled in the first year of doctoral studies for 2011-2012. The duration of the scholarship is more than 6 months.

– 4 postdoctoral researchers holding a PhD obtained in Romania or abroad, up to five years before the effective date of the contract of postdoctoral fellowships. The duration of the scholarship is 15 months.

– 2 tutors / mentors coordinating the research groups, directing and evaluating the grantees.

The individual research activity of the grantees will be held within the 14 groups thematically organized and it will be coordinated during the contract by the tutors. This will be supported by organizing and implementing training activities (a workshop or a summer school for each research group), of some training courses on research management and project management and two training sessions with the whole research group on the topics of equality, non-discrimination, respect for diversity and sustainable development.

The evaluation of the research will be: ongoing and final.

i)    The ongoing evaluation will be: a) monthly, based on a monthly report of activities conducted by grantees and validated by tutors and approved by expert in monitoring the target group; b) at 5 months by attending a workshop for activity reporting (within the research group).

ii)   The final evaluation will be based on a research report conducted by each grantee.