The Indicators of the Project

The Project aims to achieve the following indicators:

  • 84 PhD students financially supported with 1050 monthly doctoral scholarships;
  • 56 postdoctoral researchers financially supported with 840 monthly postdoctoral scholarships;
  • 36 PhD students to get the PhD, representing a share of 42% of the scholars at the doctoral level;
  • 126 scientific papers presented and 84 scientific papers published within the doctoral programs;
  • 112 scientific papers presented, 112 scientific papers published and 140 research reports in the case of postdoctoral research;
  • 14 workshops or summer schools;
  • 2 training sessions on equality of chances, lack of discrimination, respect for diversity and durable development;
  • A minimum of 28 evaluation workshops;
  • A minimum of 5 transnational partners involved in the project – doctoral / postdoctoral research programs;
  • 20 volumes (individual or collective) published at a prestigious Romanian publishing house.