The objectives of the project

According to the vision of the Romanian society on the role of science, technology and innovation in the development of the knowledge society in Romania, included in the National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013, major efforts are required in order to bridge the gap between the Romanian research system and the research systems from other EU member states.

The project “Innovation and development in structuring and representing knowledge through doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships” satisfies this need due to its general objective: supporting 84 PhD students and 56 PhDs (who have defended their PhD thesis in the last 5 years), specialised in philosophy, social and humanistic sciences (anthropology, bioethics, economy, letters, psychology and educational sciences, political sciences and international relations, sociology, cultural studies, cognitive sciences, communication sciences, historical sciences, legal sciences, etc.) to pursue and develop a successful research career. Support will also be given to PhD students and PhDs (who have defended their PhD thesis in the last 5 years) specialized in technical sciences, who also analyse from a philosophical, ethical, sociological or economic perspective the specific issues related to their research field)

In order to meet the general objective, there are some specific goals that need to be fulfilled:

  1. To establish a stimulant academic and institutional frame, appropriate for interdisciplinary research, of a high national and international impact, by offering monthly scholarships; financing the scientific activities within the Project (national and international conference attendances, the publishing of volumes); the establishment of 14 interdisciplinary teams, focused on research topics;
  2. To train the scholars into the modern day spirit of research and of the specific desideratum of European development strategies by means of intensive training programs, counselling and coordination (conferences and summer schools, workshops on different topics, training courses in research management, etc.);
  3. To facilitate access to integrated and up-to-date knowledge and information by extending the existent databases (books, electronic journals) and by organising and developing an information and documentation centre (library) opened to all beneficiaries and experts in the Project’s specific research fields, and also by accessing European information and/or professional development centres;
  4. To support inter-institutional cooperation at national and international level, with the purpose of achieving experience exchange, of importing know-how and of achieving theme convergences with the European scientific research by establishing a corporation with other research institutes and/or prestigious European universities;

5. To support young researchers in building and/or improving their professional image and in efficiently promoting/disseminating the results of their research both at a national and international level through: organising an international conference; supporting participation at international conferences; stimulating the publishing of books or research articles in Romanian or foreign well-known journals, acknowledged by the international academic community; financing and promoting at an international level two BDI indexed journals, etc.