The partners involved in the project

The Beneficiary of the Project “Innovation and development in structuring and representing knowledge through doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships (IDSRC – doc postdoc)” is the Romanian Academy Iași Branch.

With over 50 years of experience, the Beneficiary, through its statute, is one of the main pillars of Romanian fundamental research. As a coordinator of the region’s research institute, its main activity consists of organising and developing research capacity. That is why, one might consider that, one of the major objectives of the Beneficiary, namely the continuous training of highly qualified staff in the field of research, especially at a postdoctoral level, trying to overcome the defaults of the system, has been successfully fulfilled. This fact is shown by the new generations of researchers whose capacities have been proven both at a national and international level.

The applicant’s experience is relevant and the efforts made have led to very important results in recent years, such as the organising of numerous scientific manifestations and the publishing of over 15 journals, both national and international, with a strong impact in the field of research. These extraordinary results were due to both the direct financing on extensive research programs (35 projects), of national interest, and to the participation in grant contests and projects. Therefore, in the last three years, over 20 projects were won. Closely linked to the present financing line, POSDRU 89/1.5. – Postdoctoral programs, one should also add that, between 2010 and 2013, the institution has successfully implemented, fulfilling all indicators and having a very high degree of funds usage (over 90%), two postdoctoral fellowship programs, one as the applicant and one as the partner. All these aspects prove that the Romanian Academy Iași Branch has an important experience in the field of research, of training young researchers, and this allows it to successfully implement large projects and responsibility.

Alongside the Beneficiary there are also four partners involved in the running of the Project:

  • “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
  • University of Bucharest;
  • Cluj-Napoca Technical University – Baia Mare Northern University Centre, The Faculty of Letters

“Lucian Blaga” University of SIBIU is a university with tradition in Romania, having an interdisciplinary postdoctoral school and experience in implementing projects. The experience gained so far is proved by the implementation of three similarly gained projects for the PhD students enrolled in 2008, 2009 and 2010 academic years, as the beneficiary and one as the partner. In the last four years, a number of 31 POSDRU projects have been implemented or are being implemented, 16 of them as beneficiary. The experience gained from the previously developed projects surely represents a certainty for the active involvement in this project and its successful implementation

University of Bucharest, one of the oldest universities in the country, has essentially contributed and it still contributes to the development and modernisation of teaching, science and Romanian culture. Regarding the scientific research, the mission of the Partner is to fundamentally contribute to the development of scientific creation and national culture and to the development of the society. Partner 2 has already run, as beneficiary, in the previous years, numerous POSDRU projects, among which 2 of doctoral scholarships and 1 of postdoctoral scholarships. Partner 2 is a higher education institution of advanced research, with a prestigious doctoral school and with internationally well-known researchers, and therefore it can substantially contribute to the implementation of the Project, through its experts and young valuable researchers.

Cluj-Napoca Technical University – Baia Mare Northern University Centre, The Faculty of Letters represents an important component of university education in the North-Western region. Focused on technical sciences, it is comprised of specialisations from the exact sciences, but also humanistic and social fields of study, all included in the doctoral school. Likewise, Partner 3 has experience in organising numerous activities, symposiums, conferences and in publishing collective and individual volumes. Its experience is also proven by the number of projects implemented, among which one can mention two POSDRU projects, one as beneficiary and one as partner.

LABORATORIO ATHENA was established in 2002, with the purpose of running a research project proposed by CNA Terni (Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media impresa), with the objective of studying the innovative characteristics and the internationalization of small and medium businesses within the Umbria province, in Italy. This research has generated two important publications, developed by the members of the Partner. In 2004, it took part in two other important projects. The Partner is a scientific and cultural association, whose mission is, among others: to promote forms of collaboration with other institutions which target the development of scientific and cultural activities in the following fields: economy, law, philology, sociology, psychology, etc.; to form and promote young researchers from the fields of economy, law, philology, sociology, psychology, etc.; to promote cultural and economic initiatives and projects which aim either individuals or groups.